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Did you know we have a Volunteer Welfare Fund?

Photo credit: Bridgetown VFRS

If you are struggling financially due to unexpected life events, you may be able to apply for up to $5,000 to cover costs.

Examples where the Volunteer Welfare Fund may be able to assist you include:

  • Urgent medical expenses and assistance in a crisis circumstance including travel expenses.

  • Loss of job and associated financial hardship.

  • Utility and household expenses.

  • Purchase of specialist medical equipment.

  • Funeral expenses. 

To apply for financial assistance through the Volunteer Welfare Fund you need to be a current member of a brigade who has contributed towards the Volunteer Welfare Fund or an immediate dependent family member of one of our volunteers whose brigade has contributed towards the Volunteer Welfare Fund.

Click here to find out if your brigade is one that has contributed towards the Volunteer Welfare Fund.

To start the application process, ask your brigade captain or secretary for an application form. They will assist you with completing the application and will be the person who liaises with the Association and the Volunteer Welfare Fund Committee during the claim assessment on your behalf.

Captains and Secretaries,

If you are unsure of the Volunteer Welfare Fund application process, please contact Executive Officer Tim Sonsee by email or on 0427 800 038.

Find out more about the Volunteer Welfare Fund and how to apply.


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