Jeffrey Roberts

In addition to being a member of the Youth Committee, Jeffrey Roberts is also the captain of the Wundowie Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services.

Since Jeffrey joined the Wundowie VFRS in 2014, he has climbed the ranks from probational volunteer firefighter to captain. He currently leads a passionate and hard-working station of 16 active members, three support and five life members, with the ages of the members ranging from 16 years to 75 years. The wide range of ages and roles within the brigade, exposes Jeffrey to a wide range of thoughts, opinions, and ideas for the VFRS both operationally and at brigade level.

Throughout his time with the VFRS, Jeffrey has personally attended a wide range of incidents from low level special service calls, to severe road crashes, structure and HAZMAT incidents both in the roles as an active volunteer firefighter and as an incident controller.

Jeffrey’s day job comprises of working within the firefighting industry for two years as a dual tradesman - a light vehicle technician and a mobile heavy plant mechanic.

“I believe that I benefit the Youth Committee by being a mentor for younger volunteer firefighters through the journey of life and through their firefighting career having had successful and failed experiences myself,” Nathan says. “I pride myself on all of my achievements and failures in life as I believe it has made me the person I am today. I would love to share my experiences and better the future generation of the VFRS and assist the best I can to strengthen the members of tomorrow to the best of my ability.”