Jodie Breese

Youth Commitee Chair Person

It has always been part of Jodie’s nature to be someone who puts her hand up to volunteer to help others. Believing that being able to help the community is an amazing opportunity, she was looking for something more she could do on a regular basis.

In 2015, Jodie joined Toodyay Volunteer Fire and Rescue when she became aware the organisation existed. “I knew a few members through family and friends, but I had no idea that they were volunteer firefighters” says Jodie.

While fulfilling the role as an active volunteer firefighter and chairperson to the Association’s Youth Committee, Jodie has also previously taken on the role of secretary for the Brigade and the Central Wheatbelt Zone, which comprises of 14 brigades.

Jodie took on her most important role in 2019, when she became a mother. She has been able to continue as an active volunteer firefighter and fulfil all her other roles – thanks to the amazing support network who is there to take care of her son while she attends an incident.

Many brigades are made up of family members and Toodyay VFRS is no different. Jodie’s husband joined the brigade in 2019 and says it truly has changed his life.

Besides Jodie’s volunteering responsibilities, she has worked several jobs from catering to the fencing industry. Currently she works as the purchasing coordinator for Pioneer Water Tanks and has been with the business for over 10 years.

As a VFRS member and the chairperson of the Youth Committee, Jodie’s goals are to increase awareness of what the VFRS does and to improve processes and resolve issues. She believes this will lead to increasing the recruitment and retention of VFRS members, especially the younger members.