Nathan Cook

Youth Committee Vice Chairperson

Because of his want to do something to help people and his local community, Nathan joined Wagin Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services in 2009. He started as junior member and spent the first 12 months observing, learning and gaining valuable experience needed to help people in their time of need.

During the first year as a junior member, Nathan could not turn out to incidents. However when the siren sounded, he would jump on his bike and peddle over to the station as fast as I could, to open the roller doors and start the units for the crew while they were getting dressed into their firefighting gear. Nathan would then lock the station up when everyone left for the incident and head back to the station when he knew the truck was on it’s way back to open the doors again and have refreshments waiting. “Even though they could do those tasks, they had enough to do and worry about so it was the least I could do,” says Nathan.

Nathan says when he reflects on his 10 years as a member of the VFRS family, he has have gained valuable life skills and has experienced great times, difficult times and everything in between. “If it wasn’t for the members of Wagin VFRS and the bigger VFRS family that trained, guided, mentored or were just there for a chat, I would not be who I am today”.

‘As Volunteers Firefighters we do WHAT we can, WHEN we can, WHERE we can, to the VERY BEST of our ability’ sums up a strong brigade for Nathan.

“One-person can’t do everything, so even if it’s a minor task that could be left to the next person just do it. You might not get recognition for doing it, but what you will get is a happy, strong, dedicated and enjoyable brigade,” says Nathan.

Nathan joined the Youth Committee because he believes he can help the Association to obtain the thoughts and opinions of younger VFRS members. Nathan says, “We can help keep the VFRS moving in the right direction to keep all our members safe, engaged and on board with what the VFRS Association is achieving.”