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Kim Glass

Kim Glass - Metropolitan

It is fitting that Kim is a Metropolitan Zone Representative since he has spent all his life based in Perth, Western Australia.

During the day, Kim is a Locksmith and runs a personal training business. He is also husband to Joanne and dad to their little girl, Olivia.

When Kim was 25 years old, he joined Falcon Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service because he was no longer able to play sport due to an injury and was looking for a new team-based hobby. The brigade was not new territory to Kim though. His father was captain of Falcon VFRS, and Kim has fond memories of growing up at the station. “As a kid, I will never forget the events that were organised for us at Easter and Christmas,” says Kim.

In 2018, Kim followed his father’s footsteps by becoming captain of the same brigade. It has been important to Kim to maintain the family-friendly culture of the station. “The brigade member’s partners and kids are what makes the brigade what it is,” Kim explained. “It’s a very kid friendly environment and to my daughter, it’s her second home.”

Kim says he has a great crew supporting him in his role as captain. “I enjoy the mateship, the teamwork and the banter between us,” explains Kim.

In 2020 Kim joined the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association because he wanted to make a difference by offering support to all volunteers by ensuring they are provided with the same operational equipment, appliances, personal protective clothing, training and so on, as career firefighters have. “Safety is a priority and without volunteers, the wheels don’t turn,” says Kim.

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