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VFRS Female Firefighters

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Photo credit: Port Hedland VFRS

Are you a VFRS female firefighter?

Meet other likeminded Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) female firefighters!

Join the VFRS Female Firefighter Facebook Group

Because VFRS female firefighters are located all over Western Australia, with some brigade only having one female active firefighter, a private Facebook group has been created to give these like minded people the opportunity to connect and meet one another.


This Facebook group removes the geographical distance between all VFRS female firefighters and allows them come together to motivate, share our experiences, support and inspire one another.

The group are deeply honoured when a fellow male firefighters ask to join the group, and we don't want to offend, it is for the ladies only.


Although times have changed, and women are now welcomed with open arms to join the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, women still do have experiences and challenges unique to them, and sometimes are the only female at their brigade.


This forum is a safe and understanding place for our ladies to be able to express themselves.

We encourage all Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service female active firefighters to join the group.

Are you someone who is considering joining a Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service brigade? 

Our brigades are welcoming and inclusive of all. Find out more about becoming a volunteer firefighter or support person.


If you have any questions, please contact us.   



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