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An Executive Officer has been appointed!

Who is the new Executive Officer?

Tim Sonsee has a passion to serve the Western Australia community and has done so for the past 16 years with the St John’s Ambulance Service.

Previously Tim worked in the role as Acting Manager Metropolitan State Operations Centre, and in his previous roles as a paramedic, he has been located both in the Perth metropolitan area and regional areas of Western Australia working with volunteers from both St John’s Ambulance Service and Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

“We are pleased to welcome Tim to our team. We believe his experience will make him well equipped for this position and we look forward to working with him,” President Paul du Boulay said.

"Tim will be in touch with each Brigade in due course to introduce himself and he encourages you to call him to say hello."

How can I contact the Executive Officer?

Tim Sonsee can be reached on 0427 800 038 and by email at


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