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Neil Hatt

Neil Hatt - Northern

Neil originally comes from Bundaberg, Queensland. He moved to Western Australia in 1999 with his family where they settled in Carnarvon.

In 2001, Neil joined the Carnarvon Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service. Recruited by another volunteer firefighter who Neil was working with at the time, he decided it was a great opportunity to be a part of the community. “I really enjoyed the ‘on the job’ challenges,” Neil explained.

Over the last twenty years, Neil has filled numerous roles including Captain, Lieutenant and at present, he is the brigade’s Apparatus Officer.

In addition to his volunteering work with VFRS, Neil is also the First Lieutenant for the Gascoyne River Bushfire Brigade and a Fire Control Officer for the Shire of Carnarvon.

For almost seven years, Neil has been a Juvenile and Family Fire Awareness (JAFFA) Support Officer with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services. This involves Neil, having received specialised training, conducting interviews then tailoring and delivering education sessions on the consequences of inappropriate fire use to young people who have been involved in fire lighting.

Neil was elected as an executive committee member of the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services Association in 2020. “The decision to run for this position came about by recognising the opportunity to provide a voice and support to fellow brigades throughout the region,” said Neil. “This gives me the ability to provide input into key decisions, particularly on issues that affect brigades in regional areas.”

Although Neil is a plumber and gasfitter by trade, he is currently employed by the Department of Finance as a senior project officer. How he fits in full time work, all his volunteer commitments and have a young family is remarkable!

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