Youth Committee

Why does the Association have a Youth Committee?

For many years the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) and its Association’s executive committee has been made up of members who are predominately over the age of 50.


The executive committee acknowledged that it would be beneficial to obtain the perspective and opinions of the younger VFRS members to assist with attracting more youth to the service and to retain those memberships.

When was the Youth Committee formed?

Early in 2018 the Association sought nominations from VFRS members aged under 30 years to form a new committee to represent the youth of VFRS. The age limit has since been changed to under 35 to allow young members with more experience to be part of the committee.


What is the purpose of having a Youth Committee?

The aim of the Youth Committee is to give a voice to the youth members of VFRS with regard to decisions made within the Executive Committee that affect all VFRS members. It is also hoped that these, future leaders, will provide direction and fresh ideas in how they believe the Service (and more specifically the Association) can progress.


Who makes up the Youth Committee?

Appointed members of the Youth Committee are located all over Western Australia.


How often does the Youth Committee meet?

The Youth Committee meets in Perth at the Old Fire Station in Guildford a minimum of 3 times a year to discuss ongoing projects, new business and any current issues.


How does the Youth Committee communicate with the Executive Committee?

The Youth Committee meetings generally occur a week before the Association’s executive committee meets. This allows time to provide an update at the Executive meeting and comment on any relevant points of discussion during the Association’s executive committee meeting.


Executive committee member, Tony Dodd and the Association’s executive officer, Ken O’Reilly attend the Youth Committee meetings to provide oversight.


Jodie Breese, the Youth Committee’s chairperson, attends the Association’s executive committee meetings to provide a direct update to the team and to represent the Youth Committee when decisions are being made that impact all members of the VFRS.


What changes have occurred as a result of forming the Youth Committee?

The Youth Committee since forming has improved communication methods within the Association through updated media equipment to carry out online meetings and presentations along with promoting alternative competition events that are more in line with modern day firefighting. The team has supported the running competitions as well as the cadet program being established by former Youth Committee Member Glen Auzins.


The Youth Committee received generous funding from ARC Infrastructure to assist with establishing the Youth Committee and some scholarships for VFRS members deemed suitable by the committee. The Youth Committee scholarship has since been set up by the team to assist young VFRS members with their professional development

Are you interested in joining the Youth Committee?

If you are passionate about VFRS and it’s future, aged 35 years or under and are a current VFRS member, active or support (not probationary) the Youth Committee would like to hear your opinions and ideas.


Please complete the nomination form and provide a letter expressing your interest of no more than two pages in response to the following questions:


  1. Why do you think you should be considered for a position on the VFRSA Youth Committee?

  2. What would be your priorities in terms of strategies for VFRS and the Association?

  3. How would you commence working on these priorities?

Please email your expression of interest and nomination form to


Should your brigade wish to provide a letter of support, please attach it to the email as well.

If you have any questions regarding completing the nomination form or becoming a VFRSA Youth Committee member, please email the Youth Committee.


How can you support the Youth Committee?

Besides joining the Youth Committee, you can promote and support the committee by encouraging young brigade members to join the team or pass on their opinions and ideas. Additional ways to support the team include encouraging members of your brigade plus friends and family to purchase an Entertainment Book [hyperlink} or by making a donation. 


How do I contact the Youth Committee to discuss an issue or enquiry?

The Youth Committee can be contacted by email at


Please also follow the Youth Committee on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with their latest projects and initiatives.