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Youth Committee Scholarship

The Youth Committee, which formed in 2018 to give a voice to the youth of Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services (VFRS) when decisions are made that affect all VFRS members, received funding from ARC Infrastructure to assist with establishing the Youth Committee.


The sponsorship has given the Youth Committee the opportunity to offer professional development scholarships to young fire and rescue service volunteers. 


What is the Youth Committee Scholarship?

The Youth Committee Scholarship was created to assist young VFRS members to achieve their personal and professional development dreams within the emergency services sphere.


The Youth Committee believes that by providing assistance towards professional development, it will also help young members to serve the community to the best of their ability, along with providing guidance and support to other members of their brigade.


How much is the Youth Committee Scholarship valued at?

The Youth Committee Scholarship offers successful applicants up to $1,000 to put towards professional development.


What can the Youth Committee Scholarship funds be used for?

The scholarship funds can be used for reimbursement of reading or learning materials such as books and course costs, nomination or entry fees or travel costs for professional development in the emergency services sphere such as:

  • Emergency management courses including Tafe and Tertiary.

  • Volunteering courses (emergency services related).

  • Emergency management / services conferences or forums.


The Youth Committee Scholarship cannot be used to cover accommodation or meals.


The applicant may have completed the professional development up to six months prior to applying for the Youth Committee Scholarship, currently completing professional development or looking to commence in the next twelve months.


Who is eligible to apply for the Youth Committee Scholarship?

To be eligible to apply for the Youth Committee Scholarship, the applicant must be:

  • A current member of VFRS, and

  • Aged between 18 years and 35 years.


How to apply for the Youth Committee Scholarship

Complete the Youth Committee Scholarship application form and email the form to the Youth Committee  for assessment.


The application form needs to include details about what the scholarship will be used for and why it will be valuable to the applicant’s professional or personal development, as well as describing how it will benefit their Brigade.

Questions that may assist the applicant with completing their application form

  • How did or will the course / training / conference benefit you?

Examples of benefits could include increasing your knowledge of disaster response, networking with people from other Brigades or States and building your skill base.

  • How did or will the activity / education benefit the Brigade?

Examples of benefits could include increasing general Brigade knowledge (with the applicant sharing new knowledge and skills with other brigade members), building links to other Brigades, or improving your leadership capacity to take on more responsibilities.


How are Youth Committee Scholarship applications assessed?

The Youth Committee members decide which scholarships to award.


They will communicate with applicants by email to keep them up to date with the progress of their application form and give an estimated date as to when to expect to hear their decision. This will depend upon when the following Youth Committee meeting is due to be held.


Youth Committee Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Please find listed below the terms and conditions of accepting the scholarship:

  • The scholarship funds of up to $1,000 can be used for reimbursement of reading or learning materials such as books and course costs,

  • Receipts up to the value of $1,000 can be submitted by email for reimbursement for up to two years from the approval date,

  • The recipient of the Youth Committee Scholarship agrees to be an ambassador and agrees to publicity, including promotion of the Youth Committee Scholarship via social media and the Association’s website, through photography and / or videography and,

  • The recipient is to remain a current member of VFRS for a period of no less than two years from the date of approval.


How to contact the Youth Committee 

If you have any questions regarding the Youth Committee Scholarship, the application form or the assessment process, the Youth Committee can be contacted by:

Please also follow the Youth Committee on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with their latest projects and initiatives.


Are you interested in joining the Youth Committee?

If you are passionate about VFRS and it’s future, aged 35 years or under and are a current VFRS member, the Youth Committee would like to hear your opinions and your ideas.


Email the Youth Committee to find out more about how to join the team.

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