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Grill'd Fundraising Campaign

We are excited to announce Grill’d will be supporting us in a national ‘Summer Heroes’ campaign.











As many of you would know if you have dined at Grill’d, they run a Local Matters Fundraising Program.


Grill’d staff provide their customers with tokens when they pay for their meal. The customer decides which jars they would like to put their tokens into to show support for a variety of not for profit organisations and Grill’d then makes donations on behalf of their customers to the organisations.
In this instance, the Summer Heroes campaign will run for the month of January. The other Summer Heroes that Grill’d are supporting are St John’s Ambulance Australia and Surf Lifesaving Australia (there is a different fire and rescue organisation being supported in each State).
Although it’s not officially a competition, as they are all fabulous organisations, the more tokens we can get into jars, the more money we will receive.
There is the potential to receive close to $8,000. It’s a great branding / awareness campaign too, which is priceless.
Because we are not an Australia-wide organisation, and there will be donations going to a different fire and rescue organisation for each State, a generic uniform has been utilised in the campaign imagery to represent our firies so the same images can be used nationally.
What can you do to support the campaign?

Please show your support from 1 January to 31 January:

  • Go buy burgers and pop your coins into the VFRSAWA jar! Here are where stores are located.

  • Encourage your friends and family to do the same, especially if you are located somewhere regional where there is not a Grill’d nearby.

  • Engage with our social media:

    • Like the posts / stories / reels

    • Write a comment

    • Share the posts to your social media

    • Visit Grill’d in your uniform, take members of your brigade with you and :

      • Take photos of you and your brigade enjoying your meal and even better, with staff members and the owners of the restaurant – they love doing this and encourage it.

        • Post the photos to your social media, tag us (by typing @VFRSAWA and click on our logo when it pops up) and also send them to so we can post them too.

  • For those who can’t visit Grill’d, on their home page will be a link to our website, allowing people to make donations directly to us.


We will be in touch over the month of January with more information once the campaign has launched, and hopefully a discount or meal offer for our volunteers to take advantage of!​

Email HoldingJar.png

As Volunteer Firefighters we do WHAT We Can, WHEN We Can, WHERE We Can, To The VERY BEST of Our Ability.

Our Mission
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