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Grill'd Summer Heroes Fundraiser

Grill'd has chosen us to participate in their Summer Heroes / Local Matters fundraiser.

Operating since 2011, Local Matters have supported over 30,000 community groups across Australia. And to date donated over $6 million dollars.

Grill’d provide their customers with tokens when they pay for their meal. The customer decides which jars they would like to put their tokens into to show support for a variety of not for profit organisations and Grill’d then makes donations on behalf of their customers to the organisations.

This January, Grill'd would like to show their support for Australian summer heroes by donating $80,000 across three selected organisations who help Aussies get through the season safely.

What can you do to show your support?

To receive the highest donation amount, we are encouraging everyone to visit their local Grill'd restaurant to vote!

  • Go buy burgers and pop your coins into the VFRSAWA jar! Here are where stores are located.

  • Encourage your friends and family to do the same, especially if you are located somewhere regional where there is not a Grill’d nearby - they can vote on your behalf.

  • While in the restaurant, take some happy snaps of you enjoying your burger and with the restaurant staff - even better in your uniform if you're a volunteer firefighter! Post your photos to social media and tag @vfrsawa and @GrilldBurgers and tag the #Summerheroes in your life.

  • For those who can’t visit Grill’d, you are able to make a donation directly to us here.


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