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Love, Dignity and Respect

Congratulations to Captain Ian "Macca" MacGregor from Toodyay Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service!

On Saturday night, Macca received the 'Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Individual Achievement Award' at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services's (DFES) WAFES Awards.

The WA Fire and Emergency Service (WAFES) Awards honour and acknowledge the achievements of volunteers, career firefighters and DFES staff throughout Western Australia who have shown exceptional dedication to duty over the past 12 months.

Macca has been volunteering as a firefighter for 30 years and is well respected by his VFRS family. Today he spoke to us about various tragic incidents he has faced over the years, both personal situations and those he has turned out to with his brigade. He explained that there can be no judgement. "I need to get them out of the situation that they found themselves in with as much love, dignity and respect as we can," he said.

Members of the Toodyay VFRS crew, along with Macca's wife and two sons were there at the dinner when his name was announced as the award recipient.

"It's really humbling for me to receive this award, but I can't do what I do without the team I've got and my loving family," said Macca.

We are so proud of you Macca!

Grab a copy of today's The West Australian and flick to page three and four to read the article written by Anneke De Boer and Tim Clarke about the volunteers 'honoured for work against all odds'.

Congratulations to WAFES Award winners from all WA emergency services.

Click here to read the list of award recipients.


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