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VFRS Association Strategy Planning

The VFRS Association Executive Committee has been spending time consolidating ideas to map out where we would like to see ourselves in the coming years.

We need to remain:

  • relevant to our brigades

  • relatable to our people

  • adaptable to change while remaining true to our core values and

  • continue to have an impact on each person who represents VFRS.

We know our strength is in the unity of our volunteers and the strategic plan will reflect this.

The strategic planning sessions, held with an external consultant, includes studying in detail how the VFRS Association defines and addresses strategies into the future:

  • Purpose, mission and values’ of the Association for next 5 years.

  • Structure, governance and succession’ as continuous improvement items; noting we can’t stay the same and we must remain relevant to our members.

  • Promoting the Association and its pursuit of objectives – how we are doing this and what are the opportunities for improvement.

  • Promote and improve effective communications with our stakeholders.

  • Association funding surety - Sourcing alternative sources of money that comply with governance requirements.

  • Having operational equivalence as defined to the Career Fire and Rescue Service.

  • Attention particularly focused on:

    • Diversity and inclusiveness at Association and at brigade level.

    • Terminology - ‘Health and wellbeing’ instead of ‘competition’.

    • The importance of merchandise – for promotion and must not be seen as a core objective of our business.

    • Ensuring Department of Fire and Emergency Services staff being cognisant of the needs of volunteers and communicate these back to the brigades.

    • How we hold each other accountable.

When the final strategy document is produced in the coming weeks, it will be distributed to member brigades.


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