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VFRS Association "Wins"

The VFRS Association has been working with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

We have come to an agreement, in the best interest of VFRS brigades, on the following areas:

FIFO Memberships

VFRS Brigades who are at membership capacity, can submit membership requests for people who are fly in / fly out (FIFO) workers.

Meal Allowances

DFES will pay for the cost of meals to those members participating in extended training nights such as Breathing Apparatus and Road Crash Rescue (RCR) drills.

Complex Structure Radios

Training has commenced with the roll out to several VFRS Brigades. More information on the extended roll out of these radios will be forthcoming.

Dress Shirts

The new Dark blue shirts will be available to order via the S&H Shop.

White dress shirts are available to order at the S&H Shop now.

Personal Protective Clothing (PPC)

The tunics with the epaulettes and shoulder patches are now available on the S&H Shop for ordering.

We don’t need to do this as the officers at each VFRS Brigade will know who can order and who cannot.


The updated range of epaulettes are available for order now from S&H Shop.

Firefighter Competitions – New Service Events

In addition to the traditional events, a range of Service events have been added to the running competitions to entice new interest and teams to join.

These include:

· Pumper Hose Practice – four competitors

· Light Tanker, Hose Reel and Hose Event – four competitors

· Light Tanker, Double Disc Event – four competitors

· Light Tanker, Disabled Wet Hose Event – four competitors

· Hydrant and Hose Event – two competitors

· Hydrant and Hose Event – four competitors

If you or your brigade are interested in finding out more, email Jodie Neuzerling, the competition coordinator, at

Road Crash Rescue (RCR) Courses

The RCR stream of courses can now be completed in any order.

Thermal Image Cameras (TICs)

Approval has been given for Profile One brigades to proceed with ordering one for their stations. This process has begun.

Do you have a question or would like additional information?

Please call our executive officer, Ken O'Reilly, or send him an email.


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