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The Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services Association of WA (‘Association’) has represented Western Australia’s Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service Brigades since 1898 – longer than any other emergency services organisation in WA.


We work on behalf of volunteer brigades to provide representation, corporate services, management of competitions, and to raise community awareness of the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services.


Today our Association incorporates 101 stations, one in every town in the State of Western Australia, comprising of nearly 3000 volunteers.


Our mission is to promote the welfare, safety and resourcing of volunteer fire fighters and members of our Brigades.


We achieve our mission through:

  • representation to the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Local, State and Federal Governments and relevant industry associations,
  • furthering the education and training of Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service fire fighters,
  • maintenance and promotion of a positive public profile of the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service,
  • the exchange of ideas with kindred associations and to consider all questions affecting the safety, interests and welfare of fire service members and
  • management and promotion of Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Competitions, including Junior Brigades, to promote and encourage teamwork, fitness, health and the wellbeing of our members.

We appreciate all support and donations made to the Association and our Brigades.


Please add $100, $50, $20, $10 or $5 donations to the check out and amend the quantities to total the value you would like to donate.


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