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Physical Training Tips
and Hints

Physical Training and Tips and Hints when preparing for the Easter and State Open Championships


Each year Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service Firefighters compete in the State’s largest firefighting competition comprising both traditional and modern firefighting games. 


The Easter and State Open Championships are held over two separate weekends and during the hotter and dryer months of the year. 


The physically demanding and competitive nature of the championships, in addition to the expected environmental conditions, result in a challenging weekend for most competitors.  To maximise performance and to reduce the risk of injury or post activity soreness, it is important that participants are familiar with the events involved and have trained and prepared accordingly. 


Dedicated exercise and specific training in the lead up to the championships is critical to support peak performance whilst also allowing the body enough time for physiological adaptations to occur. 


In addition to physical training, numerous other performance and injury prevention strategies should be utilised, including but not limited to:

  • warming up (movement preparation) and cooling down

  • hydration

  • nutrition

  • training specificity and

  • importantly adequate rest and recovery. 


The attached resource has been developed by Mitchell Sewell, physical wellness coordinator from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services with assistance from the Mandurah Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and managing director Kieran Bell from Mouat West Physiotherapy.

















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Physical Training Tips and Hints

Physical Training Tips and Hints