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Hayden Moore

Hayden has been a volunteer at Brunswick Junction VFRS for a decade!

Initially Hayden joined to compete in the firefighting competitions in the Southwest with his brothers. Before he knew it, he had become an active firefighter through the mentorship of the Brunswick Junction VFRS captain and other senior firefighters.

Hayden noticed there was not an avenue for younger members to voice concerns and jumped at the opportunity to join the Youth Committee when it was established. “This is an initiative that I believe will help pave the way for new youth members to become our leaders of the future within the VFRS landscape,” says Hayden.

Fast forward to now and Hayden is passionate about supporting the youth of, not only his brigade but other brigades in the Southwest, and the wider State. “I am looking forward to working closely with the other members of the youth committee to assist and collaborate in achieving our outcomes and meeting our goals!” says Hayden.

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